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Lush. Lavish. Limited pairs available. Lush. Lavish. Limited pairs available.

Not another sunglasses brand

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Not another sunglasses brand

Forget a crisp suit, little black dress or a pair of suede shoes. Power dressing is nothing without the addition of the perfect pair of shades and no-body knows that better than Mr. Holloway.

Although the man himself may remain a mystery, the cornerstones of Holloway’s imitable personality are woven into every part of the Mr Holloway Eyewear brand and his glasses.

Inspired by the humour, irreverence and quiet confidence that comes with being Australian, Mr H set out to create an eyewear brand that brought these traits to life through the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Ignoring runway trends, Instagram fads and whatever type of shade is sitting atop of Elton John’s head, Mr Holloway created a collection that is sleek, restrained, unaffected and uniquely Australian.

There may be no other country on earth that feels the weight of the sun on their shoulders quite like Australians. Whether it’s a late afternoon swim at Bondi, an early morning hike or day out with friends, the presence of sun is as engrained into the Australian identity as vegemite, good banter and Shane Warne’s mobile phone.

The practical design and thoughtful functionality of Mr Holloway’s glasses are a tribute to the ever present Australian, yet reflect the need to protect the wearer from UV without compromising the aesthetic and feel of the style.

Whether you are more partial to a 1950’s cat-eye in the form of Apache Cat or prefer to keep it cool in a pair of translucent Sunline’s, there is a Mr Holloway style to suit the taste of everyone.