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Lush. Lavish. Limited pairs available. Lush. Lavish. Limited pairs available.

Our Story.

Who is Mr Holloway?

Confidence is an all-powerful ideal. The most coveted luxury fashion item that is priceless, yet worth more than any price tag, waiting list or glamorous storefront. It’s this belief in self and power of authenticity that lay the foundations for the birth of Mr Holloway, an Australian-based eyewear brand.

Mr Holloway Eyewear was founded by Sydney businessman and entrepreneur Matthew Holloway, who was inspired to create a sunglasses brand for men and women that celebrates the power of self, unique confidence and authenticity that comes with being Australian.

Weaving together practicality, premium design and a distinct Australian mindset, Mr Holloway was a labour of love that came to life in mid -2020. Designed in Holloway’s hometown of Sydney, Mr Holloway sunglasses aim to deliver a daily dash of style, confidence and calm to their wearers – a necessity in today’s chaotic and somewhat crazy world. The sunglasses are available exclusively online, a deliberate decision from Holloway who wanted to create an e-commerce brand that wasn’t able to be replicated.

All glasses are handmade from crafted Italian acetate, a high-quality, plant-based plastic and finished with German-made Carl Zeiss lenses which offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Packaged in the brand’s distinct sleek black and gold case, with a style to suit every type of wearer, Mr Holloway sunglasses are instantly recognisable owing to their refined aesthetic and unmistakable confidence and sense of self of their wearer.

Be who you want to be.

There’s something to be said about authenticity; arrogance ignores it and courage embraces it. We believe being different with purpose is empowering. With nothing to prove and no one else to be, living from authenticity creates freedom. We challenge the idea of fitting in, we defy the concept of ‘less than’. We believe how you see the world profoundly affects how you shape it.

Be bold. Be inspired. Be who you want to be with Mr Holloway Eyewear. With only 200 pairs of our Edition One styles, you’ll have to be quick to pick up your pair of Mr Holloway’s.

“There is a certain cool, calm and unaffected aura that comes with being Australian. We are a country with an egalitarian mindset, a quiet confidence that celebrates living life as a true individual with no apologies. I wanted to create a brand that celebrates that outlook and champions Australian fashion and design.” - Mr H