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How to find sunglasses to suit your face shape

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How to find sunglasses to suit your face shape

Sunglasses may not come in different shapes and sizes the same way as a pair of jeans. However, choosing the perfect pair of frames to suit your face shape is an art form in itself.

And just like picking a pair of jeans that won't look like they are strangling your legs like a Christmas ham, selecting eyewear that suits you requires some groundwork.
So, put down your FaceTune app and find your closest mirror as we are going to play sunglass matchmaker.

What face shape do I have? 

Face shapes are narrowed down to four specific types; square, oval, round and heart. A square is typically one that features a broad jawline, while oval faces tend to be taller rather than wider. Round faces are more circular and heart-shaped owners commonly have a wide forehead, narrow chin and high cheekbones. 

Square Face

Look for frames that feature rounded corners to flatter your jawline and match the width of your face. We recommend picking a rectangle or round shaped sunglass style.

Our pick: Mr Holloway’s Sunline


Oval Face

Typically wider cheekbones and a narrow forehead or jawline calls for square or rounded-shape eyewear. But make sure the frames aren’t bigger than your face.

Our Pick – Mr Holloway’s The Autumn  Sun 

Round Face

Try and stay away from rounder styles unless you wish to accentuate the shape of your face. Flatter your soft angles and wider forehead with rectangle-shaped frames to offset your cheekbones.

Our Pick – Mr Holloway’s Weekend Hussler

Heart Face

Sharper styles with defined frames and angles are a great pick for those with a heart-shaped moneymaker. Look for styles in the cat-eyes or square variety.

Our Pick – Mr Holloway’s Last Starfighter